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What Can Chatbots Do For You?

We understand that there's only so many hours in the day and unfortunately,
(as awesome as you are) there's only one of you.

Think of a Facebook™ Messenger bot as a way to clone your awesomeness and connect with your tribe and customers
easily through Messenger.

Grow A List of Loyal Followers

There's nothing more important than having your own personal database of subscribers to connect with and market to.

SegMate makes it easy to grow your subscriber list with our variety of tools that can convert anyone on Messenger into a raving fan!

Drag, Drop, Done

Our flawless drag and drop builder will allow you to create a brand new bot from scratch in only minutes.

This way you spend time on what really matters... And that's your marketing strategy.

Be Seen and Heard on Demand

With email inbox rates dropping, where do you turn to so you can connect with your subscribers? Simple.

You turn to SegMate.

Some users are seeing as high as 80% open rates and 54% Click Through Rates with SegMate which can be 10x more effective.

SegMate Is The Most Complete Bot Building
and Subscriber Management System On The Planet

Chat Engage Bot Builder

The perfect way to get the conversation started with any potential customer or subscriber.

Subscriber Tools

Use the SegMate suite of tools to add subscribers through a frictionless process. No more forms.

Whether you want to give them valuable content, a free gift for subscribing, or even start a sequence for any product or service, SegMate makes it easy to implement.

Post Engage

Use defined keywords to trigger a chatbot when a visitor Comments on your Posts... including boosted Posts.

Welcome Message

Welcome any newcomer who visits your Fan Page for the first time with a Personalized Welcome Message.

Attach a chatbot to tell them about yourself or business, assist them with support or tell them how they can benefit from your services.

Persistent Menu

SegMate makes it easy for you to connect with new or returning visitors and have them take action on common tasks.

You can lead them to your online store, service site or introduce a Bot that can help them with commonly asked questions. Think of this as a menu on your website.

Ad Engage

Introduce Promotional Bots using Messenger Ads.

Allow SegMate to create cut & paste JSON code you can plug right into your Messenger Ads.

Page Level Keywords

Page level keywords help introduce a Bot, trigger a sequence, add a visitor to an existing Segment each time a visitor sends you a message using a defined keyword.

Using keywords for automation the possibilities are endless.

Cast Engage

SegMate allows you to Cast messages directily to segments of subscribers with laser focus.

Re-Engage your subscribers with messages using the SegMate calendar and pre-determined bots. Much like an email auto-responder, but with Super Powers!


If you want to keep your relationship fresh with your subscribers then delivering great content on a scheduled basis is the way to go.

SegMate lets you do this and more by setting up a series of Bots that you can send based on a timed schedule of your choosing. Works great for Webinars!

Subscriber Management

If you want to drill down into managing your subscribers even further, then you can do it easily with SegMate's powerful filtering option.

Organize subscribers into groups based upon their interactions with your Bots.


As your business grows, managing subscribers and customers can get a little overwhelming.

SegMate helps you with this by allowing you to segment any group of subscribers using our powerful tagging system.


SegMate lets you do more by integrating with Zapier.

This way you can have a birds eye view and access to over 1000+ apps that you can use in combination with your Bot Messenger Marketing.

Your Customers and Subscribers Are on
Facebook™ Messenger. Why Not Join Them?

Currently Messenger has over 1.3 billion active users.

From Chefs, Teachers, Coaches and even your local book club - the messenger app is the #1 way to engage any and every possible customer and subscriber you can ever have.

And you don't have to wait until they get in front of their computer because they're always connected to messenger 24 hours a day with their smartphone.

Facebook™ Messenger allows you to be a part of their lives around the clock and with the drastic difference in open rates vs using email, using Messenger to connect with potential business is a no brainer.

And SegMate makes it easy for you to get started
and up in running in only minutes.


55% of people say, being able to message a business makes them feel more likely to trust the business.


53% who message businesses are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.


56% of people would rather message than call customer service.


63% of people say being able to message a business makes them feel closer the the business.

What Others Are Saying About SegMate

  • "Tarabot on, has been a big win for us. We've sold several homes because of it on the web site. We had chat before, and it really sort of failed, but chatbot with human handoff has been great."

    Tom Lyons

  • "I'm a newbie in the digital marketing world and I've only had a trial client, however because of SegMate and the bot I set up for that client he already has an instant reply rating on Facebook. For someone new in the industry that's fast results I can offer to future clients."

    Geronimo Moreno

  • "Putting my first Bot and M.Me link together turned out to be very easy to follow with the Video Tutorials and help from the SegMate team. For a non-tech person getting into Messenger and Bots for the first time felt daunting but it quickly became apparent that the SegMate system was not difficult with, easy to learn tutorials and support."

    Michael D. Moore

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